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Did you know?

  • Nearly everyone experiences some level of adulting failure in their 20s.
  • People of all different ages ‘pretend’ that everything is okay – so people won’t know it isn’t.
  • You are never going to feel efficient, experienced and immediately successful when you do something for the first time.
  • It isn’t that older people are always certain – they are just more experienced at appearing certain.
  • A life coach can take the place of the many supports that you had when you were younger, and help you move towards adult competency at a sure pace.

Signs of Adulting Avoidance

How do you know if you are having adulting challenges?

Here are a few of the common feelings expressed by people in their 20s and early 30s. These can become a genuine problems when they reach the level that they are causing you distress, stopping you from succeeding or preventing you from moving forward.

Fear of Being a Fraud– You aren’t really coping very well. You pretend that you are just fine, but are overcome with fear.
Stress Prevents You from Doing New Things – Things that seem simple when your parents or friends do them feel very stressful and overwhelming when you need to do them – often for the first time.
Feeling Depressed – (for no reason). – You are on your own, but for some reason, it just isn’t the ‘thrill’ that you expected it to be.
Extreme Isolation –You feel alone and you don’t have anyone to help you except your roommate, who you know is just as hopelessly inept as you are at adult life.
Emotional Exhaustion – Just doing the basics … getting up, going to work … is exhausting. You sleep all day Saturday just because of the emotion toll it takes on you.
Trouble Concentrating – Extreme overwhelm. Trouble focusing, paying attention, and remembering things.
Inability to Move Forward – As long as you were in school, everything was measured in “potentiality.” Now that you are on your own, this is real life. And making it what you want it to be is a scary challenge. And it is mostly two steps forward, one step backwards. When you think about it, you feel lost and frozen.
Disengagement with Life You have the ‘ultimate freedom’ of being an adult – and it isn’t the fantastical experience you dreamed about. You feel disconnected and disillusioned. You stop going out or trying new things.
Lack of Energy – Life feels overwhelming and you just don’t have enough energy to do even simple things. So you stop doing them.
Frequent & Recurring Thoughts of Death or Suicide, or Attempted Suicide – Get help right away. This is nothing to ignore or tell yourself that you can handle it by yourself. Reach out and talk to a professional. CALL 911 OR CONTACT A LOCAL PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY.

You can succeed! YSC can help.

How Online Counseling Can Help You Deal with Adulting Avoidance

Because of the advantages and immediacy of online counseling, we find people are more likely to start. And the sooner you start, the sooner you can reduce and vanquish your anxiety and fears.

It is convenient – you can do it from anywhere.

Where do you feel most comfortable? Home? In a coffee shop? That is where you might want to be when speaking with your counselor. Online therapy gives you the option to select your location.

It is anonymous.

Do you feel awkward at the thought of sitting in a room talking in person with your therapist? Online counseling gives you the choice of HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing, chat, email or phone – so you can decide how much interaction works best for you.

It is more private.

Do you fear meeting someone you know in a therapist’s waiting room? That keeps many people from getting the help they need. Online therapy give you the ultimate in privacy — it is therapy you can do from the privacy of your own home.

It is affordable.

Whether you have insurance or not, our therapists are priced to provide a great value to you. Hourly rates vary by counselor. They start at $40 an hour.

What makes Your Story Confidential special?

Online counseling means you can get help on your schedule, and on your terms. Our therapists, counselors and life coaches are here to build a relationship with you. They will listen objectively and help you learn tools to cope, heal, and move forward with life. Conversations between you and your provider are strictly confidential.

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