Janet L. Pritchard

About Me

I grew up in a Christ centered home. My large family was very involved in church activities as well as reflecting Christ in the community and I quickly took my place as well. After confirmation and before I was 18 yrs. old I was a Sunday School teacher, Choir Director and Confirmation Teacher. Since then I have served in many roles such as superintendent, youth leader and family minister. I have been involved in worship committee, missions team and Chaired the Child Care Board. I believe that faith be lived out in daily habits of prayer, reading the word, worshiping and serving. These habits are what bring us to health and relationship with God.


Christian end of life & bereavement counseling
Christian family counseling

Pastoral counseling
Spiritual christian counseling



Over the years, I have worked as an Emergency Response Counselor for several counties and provided counseling and case management for children and youth in foster care. As a Family Minister I worked with children, youth and the family as a whole to further faith development. I use my counseling skills to address emotional development issues, bereavement and social difficulties. My focus is spiritual mentoring, bereavement and end of life issues with an emphasis on Pastors, their families and congregants.


– B.S. in Psychology
– Certified Spiritual Christian Counselor

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